did you notice?

Intermittently today, and for the last few days I’ve been thinking about writing. Thinking about how since starting full time work earlier in the year I’ve barely written anything – other than work stuff.

In some ways it’s been a nice break, but in other ways it’s been like leaving an arm somewhere and trying to decide if I can do without it or not.

I’ve felt empty of things to write about, which when you think about it is pretty strange, because when I stare off into the distance for a few moments then get asked what am I thinking, it takes me a lot longer than a few moments to try and tell – so imagine that all day.

So many thoughts.

Surely there must be something writing-worthy in all of that. I figured there must be. And that maybe it would just take sitting down and writing some of them down. And then I thought maybe someone else might like to read that. The little incidental thoughts that aren’t life changing, but are intimate, and aren’t the type of thing people go around telling each other - so here we are.

Little nothing moments.

…Today it rained.

It’s been so dry.

Which feels like a bit of short change. Isn’t coastal Queensland supposed to be green and lush all year round? Not so. My garden is thirsty… The lemons are withering on the tree and the path we walk up and down to feed the chooks is walked bare and dusty. Dusty! (This is the sub-tropics.)

So today when it started raining I felt excited. The windows were thrown open and the smell of rain hitting dry, thirsty ground burst in. So good.

It has a name you know – Petrichor. What a great word.

It’s derived from ancient Greek and also means the fluid that flows in the veins of gods.

So yes, a smell so grand as the blood of the gods filled my nostrils today. And it was oh so lovely.

And then there was the rainbow you can see at the top of this page…

A fairly average picture hastily snapped with my phone through a windscreen spotted with rain and long dead insects on the side of the road at sunset during my drive home.

Pretty nice hey. Life is full of those pretty nice little moments. Did you ever notice?

I try to. But most of them get away. And I don’t even realise they’ve slipped by, until I catch one and look back and then that’s when I notice all the others I didn’t catch right away.