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The Blue Door Pub - Get Saucy in Your Kitchen with Saucy Mouth!Get Saucy in Your Kitchen with Saucy Mouth!

The Blue Door Pub

This past weekend my husband and I decided to surprise his parents, by flying in for the weekend to Minnesota! They were so happy and excited to hear that we had just landed and now they needed to come pick us up at the airport! As we got settled it was just about time to eat lunch! Our brother in-law had suggested going to a place called “The Blue Door Pub.”  Being a foodie I’m always game to try new and exciting places, especially a PUB! So nestled in Merriam Park, in St. Paul, Minnesota there was The Blue Door Pub!

 When we arrived there was a line out the door, in the freezing cold! (to the people that live there it was a warm day!) We eventually made are way inside and waited over 30 minutes! I was thinking is this place really worth it? While we were waiting we started off with some local brewed beers…..score 1!

 Soon we were seated and out came CHEESE CURDS!!!! One of my favorite Minnesota foods is Cheese Curds and oh man do they know how to cook them! I don’t think I’ve ever had Curds this good…..score 2!

Now The Blue Door Pub is know for their burgers that are stuffed with different cheeses. The first bite into one of these burgers is exploding! I mean it! The gooey cheese starts to melt out and every bite has that touch of gooey cheese.

For my burger I chose to get their classic “The Blucy.” They Blucy is a beef patty that has garlic and blue cheese stuffed in the middle! I also got the cajun fries…..so good…..score 3! They have many other burgers including the “Breakfast Blucy” which has bacon, cheddar cheese and a fried egg! Yummy!

As our tummies got full, we had to end this little journey to The Blue Door Pub. This place was amazing! The prices were unbelievable. The place was packed, but for a pub you want that!! And those CHEESE CURDS I’ll never forget you! If your ever in Minnesota and want to try a great pub, with fantastic burgers, give The Blue Door Pub a try!….score 4!


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