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Talenti Gelato - Get Saucy in Your Kitchen with Saucy Mouth!Get Saucy in Your Kitchen with Saucy Mouth!

Talenti Gelato


I’ve been away for the past week visiting my family out in Oregon. We went grocery shopping and I’m ALWAYS exploring new places and what new foods I get to try! I found myself in the freezer isle in the ice cream section….big surprise! Ha! I stumbled upon this gelato, which I’m always a sucker for! They had so many good flavors that it was hard to choose but my eyes went straight to the mint green colored one. The flavor was Sicilian Pistachio, it sounded wonderful. As I explored this container further I realized the ingredients were simple and I could read it without having to slowly sounding it out and having to guess what I was pronouncing! This particular gelato had 8 ingredients!! That’s such a relief to see! So in the cart this went!


I made it home and before I could unpack the groceries my dad was already diving right into this gelato. ( that’s why my pic only has half the gelato) So after my dad had eaten half of it I was able to dive right in! WOW! This gelato is amazing!! It was so smooth, creamy and very full of flavor! This also had a nice subtle crunch from the pistachio nuts as well! Also a fun fact I found out is the green coloring from this gelato comes from alfalfa sprouts!! So crazy and neat at the same time!! What a great way to add natural coloring!

After trying this 1 of the many other flavors of this Talenti Gelato I’m hooked!! Next grocery visit I’m already planning to try the Sea Salt Caramel!! Hopefully you’ll get a chance to try this Talenti Gelato for yourself!

**I was not paid or given anything to write about this product! I truly believe this is a
Great quality and wanted
to spread the word about them!!**


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