Saucy Sips CranLime with Sparkling Soda

Saucy Sips Cran LimeAs summer is approaching we get to have a nice day in between rainy days. On these nice sunny days I love fixing a drink to help increase my highest level of bliss. No I don’t NEED a drink to help me feel happy but it sure F*%$ing helps!! Especially a long day with a child…..PLEASE PASS THE BOTTLE!!

I just added some Ocean Spray diet cranberry lime juice, sparkling soda and vodka! Done. Easy!


Cran Lime- a Splash
Sparkling Soda- a bigger splash
Vodka- CANNONBALL!FullSizeRender

The mixture is really up to you and how you like your drinks. It’s also a great drink without the vodka….I didn’t just say that! Also this drink is 5 calories without vodka and about 65-70 cals with.


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