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- Get Saucy in Your Kitchen with Saucy Mouth!Get Saucy in Your Kitchen with Saucy Mouth!

Ever since I can remember I have always had an interest in food and cooking. When I was very little (5yrs old) I remember watching Julia Child and “The Frugal Gourmet” Jeff Smith. I loved watching all the different foods they would make! I would continue to grow up watching cooking shows whenever I had the opportunity. This carried into my teen years. Then I was able to start cooking by myself. I started out making easy things like macaroni and cheese, scrambled eggs, cake mixes and cookies. My mom soon introduced me to the slow cooker. I fell in love with it and started to stews. Stew soon became my favorite meal. I was so in love with my stew I wrote a report in high school about it! Once high school came around I found myself cooking almost every night for my family, not because I had to, but because I enjoyed it!

I grew up in Eugene Oregon (Go Ducks) with my two loving parents, and my two brothers. I had an awesome childhood and strong family. I grew up having amazing friends too. With all of their support I have become the person I am today. After high school I went to a community college for a year and decided it wasn’t for me. I then got a job with the airlines as a Flight Attendant which moved me Atlanta, Georgia. Soon after I moved, I met the most amazing person and ended up marrying him. I since have left the airlines. I am now a stay at home mom to the most AMAZING little girl in the world!! Between creating new recipes and cooking, I spend most of my other time learning from this girl!

I don’t have any formal training with food, but everything I make I eat myself and love it! With influences from cooking shows, family and the internet I have created my own recipes through trial and error. Because cooking is my passion I cook when I am happy, sad, or stressed. I love cooking whether it is a quick easy meal or if I’m in the kitchen all day. I hope my recipes inspire you to experience my passion and, bring you closer with your friends and family. Enjoy!


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